Case 06: Operation issues - Dry running of wet pump seals in media with low vapor margin

Typical machines, applications and industries affected

Pumps (i.e. in li­que­fied gas frac­tio­na­ti­on, pump stations of NGL pipe­lines), light hy­dro­c­ar­bons / NGL (ethane, propane, ethylene…) and CO2


  • Short operating life
  • Pump media: NGL or CO2
  • Transient operating conditions, vent pressure fluctuations
  • High leakage
  • Dry running of mechanical seals


  • Dry running or multiphase operation of conventional mechanical seals in high energy/ low vapor margin pumps
  • Flashing liquid in pump seals can lead to dry running of liquidlubricated mechanical seals and consequently to a short seal lifetime
  • This applies especially to pumps with low vapor margin (i.e. ethane pumps) where mostly the liquid tends to transition to the gaseous state
  • Out of curve operation

EagleBurgmann solution

DF-DGS6/PDGS6 – DiamondFace coated pump seal for low vapor margin ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons

Results & benefits

Increased reliability:

  • Increased lifetime of dry gas seals
  • No more unplanned seal related pump shut-downs
Reduced costs:

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Reduced leakage rate

Further information:


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